Research and development

Polyus established its research and development centre in 2004 in the city of Krasnoyarsk to support its exploration, mining and ore processing activities. The centre uses technologically advanced instruments, including an atomicemission spectrometer, a spectrophotometer and an atomic-absorption spectrometer, and comprises the following laboratories:

  • Mineralogical laboratory, which studies ores from the deposits to which the Company holds licences to optimise exploration, production and ore processing. This laboratory accumulates data on mineral and chemical composition, the structural and textural features of bed rocks and ores, the behaviour of ores during processing and gold extraction rates.
  • Geomechanics and engineering laboratory, which develops technologies for mining, mine engineering and mine construction. Its activities include the study of the physical and technological properties of rocks and soils and the evaluation of the stability of pit benches and walls. This laboratory is developing a proprietary database to record the physical and technological parameters of ores and rocks from the deposits to which the Company holds licences.
  • Ore-processing laboratory, which is one of the core divisions of the research and development centre. It develops flotation, gravitational enrichment, magnetic separation, concentration, filtration and other technologies for ore processing.
  • Hydrometallurgy laboratory, which develops complex ore processing technologies and equipment utilising leaching, absorption, and thermal treatment. This laboratory also develops new absorption chemicals and alternative non-cyanide leaching agents, as well as waste treatment and refinement technologies.
  • Analytical laboratory, which specialises in the evaluation of the gold and precious metal content in ores, ore concentrates and ore treatment products, as well as the development of precise measurement technologies.
  • In addition, Polyus has a laboratory of pyrometallurgical processes. This laboratory focuses on the development of technologies for thermal ore treatment to minimise the impact on the environment of those operations.
  • Mineral Resources Biotechnology Laboratory carries out in-depth research focused on developing and improving gold ore processing and concentrate biotechnological flowsheets. The lab also studies the use of microorganism’s associations in biooxidation process, and develops processing methods and parameters of biooxidation of ores and concentrates.