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  • Gold (USD) 1,337.40 -9.20
  • MOEX (RUB) 4,474.00 -23.00
  • LSE (USD) 39.35 -0.45
1,968 koz of gold
produced in 2016 (2015: 1,763 koz)
389 $/oz
Total cash cost per ounce sold
572 $/oz
All-in sustaining cash cost
Ore processed, kt
24,824 2015
26,445 2016
Adj. EBITDA $ mln
1,278 2015
1,536 2016
6 6 operating assets: 5 hard-rock mines and alluvial operations
2,458 $ mln
Total Revenue in 2016
Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) per 200k hours worked in 2016 (2015: 0.08)

Information on securities

PJSC Polyus securities tickers

In the Russian Federation, PJSC Polyus shares are traded under the ticker PLZL on the Moscow Exchange.

The Company’s Regulation S GDSs (ISIN: US73181M1172; CUSIP: 73181M117), Rule 144A GDSs (ISIN: US73181M1099; CUSIP: 73181M109) and Level I ADSs (ISIN: US73181P1021; CUSIP: 73181P102) are traded on the London Stock Exchange under the trading symbols “PLZL”, “PLZA” and “PLZB”, respectively.

In the USA, PJSC Polyus shares are traded under the ticker OPYGY as part of the Level I American Depository Receipts (ADRs) program in the OTC market (CUSIP number: 678129107; Depositary: The Bank of New York; U.S. ISIN: US73181P1021).