Pavel Grachev, CEO:

During this unprecedented global crisis Polyus’ absolute priority is to ensure the safety of our employees and local communities.

Early on, we established very strict testing and quarantine protocols for shift workers at our mining sites and office workers are working remotely, where possible.

Testing is critical to controlling the spread of this virus and our rigorous testing and repeat-testing programmes include all Polyus production employees and contractors.

We are working closely with both local and national authorities to ensure that any outbreak is contained and that any colleagues testing positive for the virus quickly receive the appropriate care.

Whilst these comprehensive systems have enabled us to safely maintain uninterrupted production at our mines, we are constantly monitoring the situation and will continue to put the health and safety of our people first.


Key facts

  • Polyus is carrying out testing of all of the company’s employees. A certain percentage of these tests have come back positive for COVID-19 at the Olimpiada mine complex.
  • All employees who have received positive test results, and any categorised as being higher-risk, are currently in quarantine.
  • Majority of employees who tested positive are not showing any symptoms. COVID-positive employees in either a moderate or severe condition have been transferred to major regional hospitals.
  • Olimpiada is fully equipped with all of the required medication and personal protective equipment; a full disinfection of the premises is being carried out.
  • When the first positive test results were received, the COVID-19 safety measures that the company had already introduced, including the mandatory wearing of masks and gloves, and social distancing, were enhanced further.
  • Before any shift workers are transferred to the Olimpiada mining complex, they are first tested for COVID-19 and must receive negative results.
  • The production processes at the Olimpiada complex remain uninterrupted.
  • Mandatory testing of all employees before travelling to remote production assets has been introduced. This includes strict isolation from the moment of the test until their departure to the production site on receiving a negative result.
  • At the production sites and offices, the following measures have been introduced: mandatory wearing of masks and gloves, segregation of workers into small isolated groups, health checks (including daily temperature checks), as well as daily disinfection of premises.
  • All production assets and offices maintain stocks of medicines and personal protective equipment (PPE) for all employees and medical staff.
  • The company has asked its office workers to work remotely from home until further notice, effective late March 2020.
  • The only exception are professionals required to run critical office-based systems.
  • Polyus’ IT department has ensured that the capabilities of the company’s software and systems enable the staff to switch efficiently to remote work mode.
  • The company has donated 45 medical ventilators to hospitals in the regions where the company operates. Equipment has been donated to hospitals in close proximity to Polyus’ operating facilities so that, if necessary, Polyus’ employees will have access to effective medical care as quickly as possible.
  • Polyus and the Far East Development Fund have established a RUB 1 bn fund to finance activities aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the Russian Far East. Other large companies operating in the region or carrying out investment programmes in the Far East have been invited to participate in the programme.
  • Deliveries of doré gold to refineries proceed in accordance with initial schedules. Consumables deliveries proceed without disruptions.
  • The company has increased inventory stocks to ensure the safety of operations.
  • There have been no disruptions of deliveries of equipment and spares from suppliers in Russia and China. However, deliveries of non-critical units of equipment from Europe and the United States have been affected.
  • The work of third-party contractors in certain important areas such as engineering, drilling and construction has been impacted by flight restrictions and self-isolation requirements.
  • Feasibility study results for Blagodatnoye Mill 5 and pre-feasibility study results for Sukhoi Log have been postponed to the second half of 2020.

Contact details

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Director, Business Communications and Investor Relations
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Media relations
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